DirectBids is an online marketplace committed to creating the best Auction and Liquidation solutions available. In addition to Appraisal Services, Auction Setup, Custom/Targeted Marketing, Payment Processing, Buyer Customer Support, Medical License / Tax Exemption Compliance, Sales Tax Collection and Reporting, and all other services required to efficiently manage your auctions, we provide a unique set of services that set us apart from our competitors.




We put a heavy emphasis and investment on marketing which includes a weekly newsletter to our large customer database in addition to targeted advertising via organic and paid promotional traffic. Before an auction goes live, the items in that auction will be closely evaluated in order to make sure that each auction is viewed by the right buyers and in the right geographic area.


Experience real time auction reporting and customized metrics that provide your executives and regional managers Birds-Eye views on the performance of your auction. We have invested heavily in our software in order to give comprehensive and real time business intelligence to our consignors. In addition, our consignors, via their online portal, have access to the tools needed to verify buyers at the time of pick up and to capture electronic signatures from their mobile device.


DirectBids offers logistics services to inventory off-site or on-site. With our proprietary mobile application, both consignors and DirectBids staff have the ability to conveniently inventory on a single mobile device, tablet or computer even in situations where internet access is unavailable. This includes taking pictures, writing item descriptions and inputting asset tags. DirectBids Off-Line Logistic and Mobile App allow versatility, simplicity and freedom to inventory anytime and anywhere.