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Dallas, TX
Ended On :
May 31 2023, 04:57:49 PM

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Various models of Dell, Konica Minolta, HP, Epson, Brother, and Zebra printers See photos for details

Condition: As-Is
Seller: UT Southwestern
Lot Number: D16555
Inspection, Removal & Shipping
Dallas, TX
Asset Numbers (internal use): C78021 C79905 C78011 C78601 C100856 C78508 417079 477340 471407 427002 C78575 475374 428340 C78448 C79933 C77548 C77995 C79214 C78771 C81468 C78060 480038 439585 432279 464544 470312 442778 C76066 C78014 477210 C78470 C78194 406292 450482 C79837 C78411 C78581 C76109 W6A0090937 N7795 MXBPMD9375 110729528