Sedecal X Plus (LP) Plus U-Arm Rad Room

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Sedecal X Plus (LP) Plus U-Arm Rad Room

General Specifications - Product: Radiographic System - Model: Sedecal X Plus (LP) Plus - Manufactured Date: June, 2011 - S/N: 40777

Toshiba X-Ray Tube - Model: E7254FX - Manufactured Date: March 2011/2011-03 - S/N: 110187 - Insert Model: E7254 - Max Voltage: 150 kV - Focal Spot: 1.6/0.6 - Permanent Filtration: 0.8 Al/75

Sedecal X-Ray Generator - Manufactured Date: June, 2011 -Model: SHF-835 - Voltage: 480 V, 3 ph - Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Note: The above is for general reference and should not be taken as a complete guide to the specifications. Inspection is highly recommended for a thorough review of the room and components, along with their current condition and the feasibility of removal.

De-Installation required by buyer. Facility has certain requirements that must be fulfilled by the de-installation team, including the following:

Provide proof of insurance coverage before de-installation. Comply with all safety protocols and regulations. Use only qualified and certified technicians for de-installation. Schedule de-installation during business hours: Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. Ensure proper handling and removal to prevent any damage to the facility. Coordinate with facility management for access to loading dock and ground-level exit. Dispose of any waste or debris in accordance with facility guidelines. Complete de-installation within the agreed timeframe.

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