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This bulk lot contains the following:

DNLT Works Model: 4025 Dental Chair Top (Lot#: H35595 - ID: jnss0siy)

Insulated 3K Water Bag Cover (Left) Side (Lot#: H16844 - ID: z1oo4o7j)

(5) Boxes of Opacity Charts (250/ Box) (Lot#: H29045 - ID: zxffnf9z)

Packard Filtermate 196 Cell Harvester (Lot#: A13002 - ID: j711x1wj)

Rainin Dynamax Automatic Sample Injector Model AI-3 (Lot#: A13013 - ID: yqrr0rxj)

Simplex C76 Automated Applicator (Lot#: H23072 - ID: zf66d6oz)

Detecto scale + Health o Meter Professional scale Model 597KL (Lot#: H23074 - ID: z21181sj)

M-Cor Instrument Set Box 1 Portland Orthopedics (Lot#: H23227 - ID: joss0s0z)

Micrins Xenon Lightsource PR5064 (Lot#: H28091 - ID: jtww0wnj)

Just Add Power HDMI Over IP Receivers (Lot of 8) (Lot#: A16017 - ID: j3xxexoj)

Lot Number: H35595, H16844, H29045, A13002, A13013, H23072, H23074, H23227, H28091, A16017
ID: zrmmf1my